Our Mission

The regional leader in Physical Therapist clinical education, the NYNJPTCEC is an innovative group that fosters partnership and collaboration between academic, clinical and professional organizations through a research driven approach to positively impacting and supporting clinical education.

Our Vision

The NYNJPTCEC seeks to be a change agent in the evolution of clinical education, empowering clinicians and academicians to create a culture of excellence through active engagement, connecting clinic to classroom and elevating the standards of clinical education at regional and national levels.

Moving towards Excellence in Clinical Education

March 25, 8:30am-12:30 pm via Zoom

Registration is free to SCCEs, DCEs and Cis who are partners of the New England Clinical Education Consortium and the NYNJ Clinical Education Consortium.


Course description: This Clinical Faculty Institute will provide opportunities to consider how to develop an optimal clinical teaching and learning environment at your institution using an evidence-based site assessment tool. Come prepared to network with other SCCEs, DCEs and CIs to exchange strategies to promote best practice in clinical education!

To Register, please go to: www.necce.org - courses - calendar

Clinical Education Terminology Updates

In response to the call for increased consistency in physical therapy clinical education following the 2014 Clinical Education Summit, the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) tasked a panel of clinical educators to produce a glossary of terms for physical therapy education.

Learn more about the recommendations for consistent use of terminology on our Current Issues page.

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NYNJ Clinical Education Consortium 

COVID-19 Statement

The NYNJ PT Clinical Education Consortium would like to acknowledge our clinical partners during this difficult time. We know that you have been affected in many ways, from providing care on the front lines to reimagining your practices and changing your model of service delivery.  We recognize the incredible stress and burden upon all of you and want to express our support.

We look forward to working with you collaboratively in the future, when we are all in a place to move ahead. Please be in touch with us if you have any other ideas that we can help with as we negotiate these uncharted waters together. We have a platform to communicate on our Facebook page that can be accessed at NYNJClinEd and welcome your thoughts, questions and discussion.  You should also always feel welcome to contact any of your academic partners to discuss your questions or concerns or email the consortium at info@nynjclined.com.

Wishing you good health during this difficult time.