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Upcoming Dates


Dates are updated after each and every Consortium meeting and as information becomes available.

2021 Educational Leadership Conference (ELC)

Atlanta, Georgia October 22-24


  • Utilizing Growth Mindset to Promote Acceptance and Success in Remediation: A Case Report-- Megan Hotchkiss – Friday October 22, 10-10:30

  • Understanding CIs Perceptions and Attitudes Regarding PT Students in the Clinic-- Theresa Kolodziej and Mike Policella - Friday October 22, 10-10:30

  • Promoting Collaborative Practice Skills in Discharge Planning through Interprofessional Simulation – Lauren Snowdon – Friday October 22, 3-3:30

  • The Impact of Interprofessional Education through an Online Platform on Students in the Health Professions- Samantha Brown and Kayleigh Plumeau - Friday, October 22 – 3-3:30

  • The Hidden Benefits of a Community-Based Interprofessional Wellness Program: A telehealth model- Michelle Nunno-Evans – Saturday, October 23 – 10-10:30

  • Integrated Clinical Experience in Physical Therapy Education: Exploring Stakeholder Perceptions of the ICE Model – Theresa Kolodziej and Mike Policella– Saturday, October 23 – 10-10:30


  • Clinical Sit Visits: Exploring the Perspectives of the Director of Clinical Education –Jamie Greco,

Lori Hochman, and Nicki Silberman - Saturday, October 23, 2:25 – 2:40pm

2020 Combined Sections Meeting (CSM)

Denver, Colorado, February 12-15, 2019

Presentations and Posters that will be presented by members of the consortium are as follows:

  • A Model for a Student-Created, Student-Led Elective in the DPT Curriculum

Mahlon K. Stewart

  • Comparison of a flipped classroom exercise physiology course to traditional lecture based format

Ruth Hansen

  • The Benefits of Utilizing Student Created Videos to Promote Ethical Practice in Physical Therapy

Sonia Gawronski, Bryan Baracaldo, SPT, Emily Dickinson, Menherit Goodwyn, Jennifer Holtzer, Daniel Jacobs, SPT, Nicole Lipinski

  • Students' Retention of Biophysical Agents Curriculum from First to Third Year of Study

Jamie Greco

  • The Clinical Site Visit: Perspectives of Physical Therapist Students​​

Jamie Greco​

  • Lessons learned from teaching the 5 steps of EBP: An assessment of student self-efficacy

Lauren Snowden​

  • The connection between residency and a 'culture of excellence' in a highly specialized area of rehabilitation.

Lauren Snowden​

  • How first clinical experiences influence physical therapy student beliefs regarding blood pressure assessment

Reema Thakkar, Ofra Pottorf, Laura Hagan

2019 Educational Leadership Conference

 Bellevue, Washington, October 17-20, 2019


 This conference is a collaborative effort of the Academy of Physical Therapy Education (Academy) and the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) designed to excite, educate, invigorate, and facilitate discussion among all stakeholders in physical therapy education. 

Presentations and Posters that will be presented by members of the consortium are as follows:

1. Building Bridges through an Innovative Clinical Education Consortium: Collaboration, Mentorship, Education, and Research

Nicki Silberman, Vicki L. LaFay, Kelly Meyers, Mahlon K. Stewart, Angela M Stolfi, PT

2. Assessing Simulation-Based Learning across the Curriculum: A Call to Action

Erin M. Thomas, Nicki Silberman, Sharon Lynn Gorman, Ellen Wruble, Eric S. Stewart, Molly A. Hickey, Kathy Lee Bishop


3. Connection between Residency and a 'culture of excellence' in a highly specialized area of rehabilitation. Lauren Snowden,  Erin Donnelly, Arielle Resnick, Isa McClure


4. Lab Experience Utlized to Improve Physical Therapist Students Ability to Care for Non-English Speaking Patients. 

AUTHORS: Nancy Mingelgreen, PT, DPT, CLT;   Gerard Fluet, PT, DPT, PhD

Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy, School of Health Professions, Rutgers University

5. Growth Mindset: Creating a Foundation for Self-Empathy in Generation Z Physical Therapy Students. Megan Hotchkiss, PT, DPT; Kayleigh Plumeau, PT, DPT


6. Patient Gown and White Coat: Uncovering the Narrative. Michelle Nunno-Evans PT, DPT 


7. Greco J, Cesiro J, McKenna R & Miale S. (2019, Oct) An interactive eBook for a biophysical agents course in a DPT program: A pilot study. 

8. Peer-Assisted Learning: DPT students as learners, peer teachers, and curriculum development partners. Michael Majsak, PT, EdD and Gale Lavinder, PT, MA, EdD, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY




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