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The NYNJ Physical Therapy Consortium is active in both scholarly research and presentations on a variety of continuing education topics.   
We support member investigation of scholarly topics relevant to clinical education by providing 2 research awards annually, worth up to $1,500 each. Deadlines are November 1 and April 1 of each year. Awards are announced in January and June, respectively.
For a list of recommended articles on clinical education not written by members of the NYNJ Consortium, please visit our Literature and Other Resources on Clinical Teaching and Learning page.


June 2018:

Vicki LaFay & Nicki Silberman “Building transformative resilience for success as clinical education leader:SCCE and DCE perspectives”

January 2019:

Jamie Lynn Greco “The clinical site visit: perspectives of Physical Therapy students”

Vicki LaFay & Nicki Silberman “Identifying behaviors, thoughts, and actions of exemplary CIs: SCCE and DCE perspectives”

January 2020:

Nancy Jane Krisch “Addressing health literacy: perspectives of faculty in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program”

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