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CI Resources

Below are a number of helpful links and documents for Clinical Instructors.  We hope that this list of resources will continue to grow with time.

PT CPI Web is administered through Liaison International, in collaboration with APTA. Liaison International, as a part of its contract, provided a comprehensive development process that included creation, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of PT CPI Web. As a part of its customer service, Liaison International provides training and technical customer service for those participating physical therapist academic programs.

This voluntary program is designed primarily for people interested in or involved with clinical education (clinical instructors [CIs], center coordinators of clinical education [CCCEs], academic coordinators of clinical education [ACCEs]) and is recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) as a Clinical Instructor (CI) Education and Credentialing Program.

Clear learning objectives tailored to the student based upon their own personal self-development, their education level, and criteria from the clinical performance instrument (CPI) are helpful for both the student and the clinic.  Goals help to focus their learning, bring attention to areas to develop, and to track success! When clinics have developed their own site-specific student learning objectives, students can best focus themselves for success.

Writing Learning Objectives

Includes links to the mandatory training for CPI Web amongst other online trainings and courses.

Medicare guidelines for student supervision requirements based on setting

The DCE is your resource.  You should feel free to call or e-mail a DCE if you have any questions.  Nothing is too little or silly to want to know as you plan your student’s learning experience. 

Your DCE is there to help. Click through for common reasons you may want to reach out to the DCE. 

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