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SCCE Administrative Responsibilities

Slot requests: 

Every year between March 1 - 15, academic programs will mail a request for student clinical education opportunities for the following calendar year.  This mailing date is recognized to be the standardized nationwide “Voluntary Uniform Mailing Date” as determined by the Clinical Education Special Interest Group of the Education Section of the American Physical Therapy Association (1998, 2012).  These dates were selected to condense the process for Site Coordinators of Clinical Education (SCCE’s).  These voluntary guidelines also stipulate a requested response date from the clinics to the academic programs of April 30th.  If you receive requests prior to March 1, please retain them until all requests have been received and opportunities for all academic programs can be considered together. 


Each academic program’s request form is unique but should, at a minimum, include the dates, level of student and preferred practice settings for each clinical experience.  Please complete and return each academic program’s form as soon as you are able, preferably on or before April 30th.  If you are unable to offer a clinical experience opportunity to a particular academic program, it is best practice to return the request form stating that you are unable to accommodate that program’s students.


Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF):
Each site is asked to complete the APTA’s Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF).  This form may be completed as a word document or online through CSIF Web.  This form contains vital information about your clinical site including contact information, student requirements, staff demographics and patient population to name a few.   Information from the CSIF helps academic programs and students alike to be informed and knowledgeable about what your site has to offer and placing students who are a best fit.


It is recommended that you update your CSIF annually.


Some sites have chosen to have students assist in this process by completing the site’s CSIF as one of their projects during a clinical experience. 


Student Manual/Handbook:

Many sites have developed a physical therapy student clinical education manual.  This is a wonderful resource for you, your staff, and your students.  

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