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Communication with the Director of Clinical Education

The Director of Clinical Education (DCE) at the school is your resource.  You should feel free to call or e-mail a DCE if you have any questions.  Nothing is too little or silly to want to know as you plan your student’s learning experience.  Your DCE is there to help.


Here are some common reasons to call the DCE:


Before the Clinical Experience:

  • If the student’s information packet has not arrived 6 weeks prior to the start date, contact the DCE.

  • If you have not heard from the student at least 2 weeks prior to the start date or far enough in advance for the student to complete your facility’s clearance requirements, contact the DCE.


Day 1 of the Clinical Experience:

  • If the student does not arrive, contact DCE immediately – do not hesitate!

  • If the student did not complete all required facility clearance requirements to begin on time, contact the school immediately to discuss a delay in the experience.

  • If the student is not prepared based upon your prior communication and expectations, contact the DCE.  This may include medical information, etc…


Student Performance and Behavior Throughout the Experience:

During the experience you should contact the DCE even if you have the slightest concern about the student’s behavior or performance.  Do not wait for a problem to occur.  It is better to call just to touch base and get some advice than let something go too long to positively intervene.


Reasons to contact DCE throughout the experience may include:

  • Professionalism Concerns including (but not limited to): frequent tardiness, inappropriate dress, poor hygiene, inappropriate communication skills (verbal or nonverbal) with patients or staff, defensiveness, not acting on feedback

  • Safety Concerns

  • Concerns regarding any Red Flag items on the PT CPI.  These include:

    • Safety

    • Professional Behavior

    • Accountability

    • Communication

    • Clinical Reasoning


Administrative Issues:           

You may have other questions for the DCE regarding:

  • The program’s curriculum

  • The program’s absence policy

  • Questions about any other policies and procedures

  • PT Clinical Performance Instrument

    • The DCE will to their best to help you.  If it is a technical issue, you may be directed to contact the administrators of PT CPI Web at  Liaison International

    • Please remember to contact the DCE in advance to share the CI’s name and email with DCE in order to to set up PT CPI.

  • Asking your DCE if they know of local credentialing courses or if they can sponsor one of your clinicians to attend a course.

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